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About Double E Fleckvieh
 Here at Double E Fleckvieh we strive for many things in our cattle. We believe moderate framed cattle are our future. 
 We strive for longevity in our cattle including leg structure, foot soundness, and udder structure. We are an operation that believes in not only structurally correct females and bulls but blood lines that are based on sound, productive cow families. Our genetics stem from German and Austrian blood lines. Consistency and increased productivity in cattle herds are desirable qualities for all feeders and breeders. 

Eric's passion for cattle began in his early teens. If there was one thing he wanted to accomplish in life along with having a family and raising our children on a farm, it was to have a beautiful herd of his own cattle. Not everyone can look out their window or walk through the yard and see those dreams have come to fruition each day of their life.
Erin grew up on a dairy farm and learned at a young age the family farm operates as a team. Together we believe instilling the strong work ethic and great independence into our own children is of utmost importance. We all work together on the farm and share in the rewards of not just financial success but the rewards of teamwork, hard work and a self satisfaction and confidence that come from it as well.
Eric Cell: 319-361-5812